Opiskelijoiden lentopallon SM-kisat 2019

13.4.2019 – 14.4.2019


28 participants


Volleyball student championships in Helsinki 13.-14.4.2019

Hesan Naiset are organizing (in co-operation with OLL) The Finnish Volleyball student championships in Helsinki 13.-14.4.2018. The venues are located in VIikki at: Viikin monitoimitalo (Address: Maakaari 3), and Helsingin yliopiston Viikin normaalikoulu (Address: Kevätkatu 2).  Participation fee for for competitive series is 120€ before 20.3.2019 and 150€ before 5.4.2019. The mixed recreational-series participation fee is 100€ before 20.3.2019 and 120€ before 5.4.2019. Note that there must be at least two women players (of six players) on court in the mixed recreational-series! The registration is open until 5.4.2019 23:55 pm.

The games are for all university students (korkeakouluopiskelijat)! Also student who have gratuated in 2017-2018 are allowed to play in the games. OSM-Games participating teams students must have atleast 75% members of OLL or there will be a 50% rise in the prices listed below. OSM-Games have OLL insurance for all of OLL members. Note that all the playing students must have their student cards with them at the Games for validation. 
More info on the insurance (in Finnish): http://www.oll.fi/edut/tapaturmavakuutus/ .

Accomodation: The teams must book their own accomodation but we have accomodation options for the participating teams. A link will be on this site for the options on Sunday 24.2. by 6pm. Notice! The accommodation is best to be reserved early since it's a busy weekend in Helsinki and many of the hotels are already booked full.

Afterparty: The OSM-afterparty is held at Biitsi.fi (beach volley arena)! Come and join as to the never-ending summer (26 degrees)! At the same time there will be a Beach Club Tournament where OSM-players can also registrate at a cheaper price. 
Link to the party: https://www.facebook.com/events/650312562070887/

Food: We have organized a student canteen lunch at Unicafe Viikuna (Address: Agnes Sjöbergin katu 2). Its open from 10:30am to 14:00pm. By showing your student card the price of the lunch is 2,60€. There will be a meat and vegetable dish option. The walk from Viikin monitoimitalo to Viikuna is 500meters and from Normaalikoulu to Viikuna 1 kilometer. 

The event in Facebook - Go and join us!: https://www.facebook.com/events/1500815583382253/

Participation fees:

Competitive series (12 teams):
Registration until 20.3.: 120€/team. -> ENDED!
Registration until  5.4.: 150€/team. -> ENDED!

Mixed recreational (12 teams):
Registration until 20.3.: 100€/team. -> ENDED!
Registration until 5.4.: 130€/team. -> ENDED!

Registrated teams: 

Women's competitive (7/12):
Hesan Naiset
Kalen Mafia
Oulu pilaa aina kaiken
1 More Year

Men's competitive (7/12):
Viikin Viikingit
The J Team
Todelliset talkoomyyrät

Mixed recreational-series (15/16): 

Sampsa ry
KAMK Volley
Sempun pallo
Puolustavat mestarit ja seitsemän kääpiötä
Volley Lovers
Beach team
Late Pihkala

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Krista Kekkonen

Markku Rantahalvari