Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

16.9.2019 – 26.10.2019

Porin Karhuhalli


Student union SAMMAKKO, 100k esports and Verkkopeliyhdistys Insomnia in cooperation with Finnish Student Sports Federation and Finnish eSports Federation are kickstarting the biggest electronic competition of the year!


The Finnish Student Championships of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, held for the second time, are organized in two stages. The competition begins with online qualifiers, according to which four teams will be invited to the championship finals tournament at Insomnia LAN-party in Pori. The competition is open for all university students. All of the matches in the tournament will be streamed in full.

Any student in an university or an university of applied sciences can take part in the competition. All games in the tournament will be fully livestreamed.





Enrollment: By 8th of September

Online Qualifiers: 16th of September to 13th of October

Finals: At Insomnia XXI LAN-party in Pori, Friday 25th to Saturday 26th of October




The team must consist of five to six players when being enrolled, so there is the possibility of changing one player in between the online qualifiers and the final tournament. The players must be from the same school, or study in the same city if they are from different schools. Only five players can qualify to the final tournament. The contact person / captain of the team enrolls the entire team.


The finals are played with computers supplied by the event organizers. The teams must, however, take their own mice, keyboards and headsets with them to the finals.


There is no enrollment fee to the tournament. However, each player of the team must have a hobby player license from the Finnish eSports Federation from the SuomiSport service (3€). The license must be in effect when the online qualifiers have begun. For more information about the license, please visit (in finnish).




Depending on the number of teams enrolled, there will be either two or four qualifier brackets, which will play a single round robin BO1 (one map) tournament amongst themselves. If there are two brackets, the two best teams of each bracket are invited to the finals. If there are four brackets, the best teams of each bracket are invited to the finals.


In the finals tournament, there will be a single round robin BO1 to decide the seedings, semifinals, a bronze medal game and the finals. Semifinals, bronze game and finals will be played in BO3 (three maps).




The official Finnish Student Sports Federation rules for FSC tournaments are used for team line-ups and general tournament regulations. The games will be played under the official game rules of Finnish eSports Federation.


FSC rules (in finnish)

FeSF rules (in finnish)

CSGO rules (in finnish)




The finals tournament is held in Insomnia LAN-party at Karhu-halli at Pori. The teams invited to the finals can enter the event for free. The tournament has it's own pen, in which it is possible to warm-up before the games. If you want to get your own spot for the entirety of the LAN party, you can get one at your own expense from the events webpage


There is floor lodging available at the event, for which you need your own sleeping bag. The distance to the city center from the event is two kilometers, where there is, for example, Place to Sleep -hotel.