Lentopallon OSM-kisat 2023

15.4.2023 – 16.4.2023


15 participants


Tampereen Teekkareiden Lentopallokerho (TTLK) and Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) organize The Finnish Student Championships (FCS) in volleyball in Tampere on 15.-16.4.2023!

The tournament is divided into three classes: men, women, and amateur classes. The amateur class is for mixed teams only. In men's and women's classes there is room for 8 teams and in the amateur class for 12 teams. The sign-up is open until 24.3.

The rules follow the official rules in volleyball. In amateur class, there must be at least one woman on the court during the whole game. We'll play only 2 sets excluding the finals where the winner must win 2 sets from 3.

The games will be played in Hervanta and the center city in Tamppi Arena and Atalpa, which are parts of Tampere University campuses.

Participation fee

The participation fee is 100€/team, which includes a 15€ OLL handling fee.

Those who have graduated during the year 2021 can participate in the tournament even though in OLL rules it's said that during the school year 21-22 can participate.

At least 75% of the team members need to be members of  The Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL), or otherwise, the team will be charged an additional 50% of the participation fee. The following student unions of universities are not members of The Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL): XAMK, Turku AMK, Tampere AMK, Vaasa AMK, Karelia AMK, Centria, Lapin AMK, Oulu AMK, Jyväskylä AMK, Novia YHS, Taideyliopisto, University of Turku, University of Eastern Finland, Åbo Akademi and the University of Oulu.

If the payer of the participation fee is other than the contact person or the payment is performed directly from a club/company -account, you are required to inform Markku Rantahalvari: markku.rantahalvari@oll.fi

If the team needs to cancel their participation in the Super-OSM tournament, a 30 euro (€) commission fee will be charged. If the team cancels their participation due to health reasons or personal reasons, the team can be released from the commission fee.

accommodation and food

TTLK can offer accommodation for the weekend for the fastest few teams near the Hervanta campus. Send reservations and question to emma.salli@tuni.fi. The accommodation fee is 10€/player and the payment info will be sent later.

On Saturday you can find student-prized lunch from:

Hervanta: https://www.compass-group.fi/ravintolat-ja-ruokalistat/foodco/kaupungit/tampere/reaktori/

Center: https://juvenes.fi/yoravintola/

There are lots of other options near the arenas.

OLL InSurance

All members who are part of OLL are insured during the volleyball FSC tournament. More info: https://www.oll.fi/en/for-member-organisations/benefits-for-member-organisations/accident-insurance/


The arenas are both accessible to the audience.


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FSC-responsible (TTLK)
Laura Ala-Hakuni

Responsible for the accommodation
Emma Salli

Contact person if any harassment happens
Salla Partanen


Tamppi Arena, Hervanta campus

Korkeakoulunkatu 12, 33720 Tampere

Atalpa, Center campus

Ratapihankatu 55, 33100 Tampere