Kiipeilyn (Fun Climbing) OSM 2019

22.10.2019 – 25.10.2019

Katso puistojen yhteystiedot

Fun Climbing championships for students 

Irti Maasta organizes students’ fun climbing championships in autumn 2019. The event is held in four different locations (Helsinki, Tampere, Raisio and Pori), so there are ample opportunities for everyone to participate. The winners are decided based on points (fun event) or by time (competition event). Even if you’ve never tries indoor climbing before, it’s worth to have a go! You don’t need to participate in all four events (unless you really want to do a tour of Finland), only one location is enough.


Competition or Fun? Take part in both, if you want to!

There are two events. Fun (rentosarja) and Competition (kisasarja). Both events are held on the same day and they are scheduled so that it’s possible to take part in both events.


The Fun event is a team event where teams of three collect as many points as possible on climbing walls completing various tasks. The goal is to have fun and enjoy yourselves in this event. However, the prizes are magnificient!


The Competition event is a speed climbing race on our speed climbing walls (almost like in the Olympics in Tokyo next year). The event begins with a qualification round after which the climbers climb head-to-head against each other with the winner continuing to the next round. The races continue until a winner is found.


Who is this for? What do I need?

Climbing in Irti Maasta is fun for all. Our various climbing challenges make sure that everyone can enjoy their session and no-one is left without a score. You don't need to have done any climbing before to be able to participate. Come and spend a fun day climbing!


You only need suitable clothing, shoes suitable for indoor activities and a lot of good attitude and enthusiasm! We provide you with harnesses and other necessary equipment and show you how to use these.


In case you get thirsty/hungry, you can purchase various snacks and drinks from our reception.


Event day

On the event day, you should arrive ahead of time to make sure you have time to change clothes and be ready when your slot starts. Your starting time is the starting time of the event; you need to be ready to start at that time. It takes about 1,5 hours to complete the Fun event from start to finish. The Competition event lasts at most one hour, depending on the number of competitors.


Each center has small lockable boxes for storing valuables. We have no showering facilities. You can (and definitely should) stay and cheer other teams and competitors, there’s a lot going on during the entire day.


Read more and participate

More information about the event and the registration forms are at (currently only in Finnish, unfortunately)