Triathlonin OSM-kisat 2020

22.8.2020 – 23.8.2020



Welcome to Vierumäki - The Sport Institute of Finland, the country's leading sports training centre. In Vierumäki you are quite close to capital area and cities, but still in the heart of pure finnish nature. In Vierumäki you have plenty of choices in accommodation, restaurants, leisure activities and sport.  Finntriathlon has been essential part of Vierumäki summer since 2014 and this year Finntriathlon Vierumäki will be the triathlon season final race in Finland. Finntriathlon Vierumäki has Olympic distance race, Sprint distance race with shortened swim and Supersprint for Juniors


Date: On Saturday 22th August 2020 starting from 11.30. There will be 2 starts for olympic race, 1 start for sprint race. Complete schedule with starting times for each AG will be published approximately one month prior to race day. 
Where: Vierumäki Sport Institute (Kaskelantie 10, 19120 Vierumäki)


Categories: Female/male open and 19, 23, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70+. Team Relay.
Distances: swim 1500m, bike 4km and run 10km (no drafting)
Awards: Top 3 female/male will be rewarded with prize money and winner of each age group (non -monetary prize).


Categories: Female/male open and 17
Distances: swim 400m, bike 20km and run 5km (no drafting)
Awards: Top 3 female/male wil be rewarded


Categories: Female/male 15,17,19
Distances: swim 400m, bike 13,5km and run 3km (Free drafting)
Awards: Top 3 female/male will be rewarded






Registration fee includes: Race info, race timing, closed to traffic and safe cycling routes, swimming cap, race number, accessory bag, service on the course, (energy drink etc), sauna after race, after race meal (meal included only in half distance fee).
Registration for all groups ends on 17.8.2020 at 24.00.
Withdrawal and transfer policy: Registration fee is not refundable. You can transfer your registration to someone else or for yourself to another Finntriathlon event in 2020. Transfer fee is 15€ and to transfer contact
Cancellation Insurance: You can buy Cancellation Insurance (30€) as additional service when you do the registration. You can buy one insurance for each race you register in. With Cancellation Insurance you can

License and rules: License not required. The organizer is not responsible for competitor insurances. The competition complies with the Finnish Triathlon Association competition rules and the Finnish Road Traffic Act, unless different instructions have been given. Minors must have parental permission to participate in the competition, as well as the participant will be able to swim for 1500/400meters.




Friday 21.8

18.00-21.00 Race office open @Vierumäki Sport Hall
20.00 Race briefing, Vierumäki Sports Hall (auditorium)

Saturday 22.8.

8.30-13.00 Race office open @ Vierumäki Sports Hall
10.00-17.30 Transition area open
10.00 ja 10.45 Race briefing @ Vierumäki Sports Hall (auditorium)
11.30 Olympic distance start: Elite + U23
11.32 Olympic distance: all the women age groupers and men 55-59 + older (rolling start)
12.45 Olympic distance: All men age groupers from 24-29 to 50-54 + team relays (rolling start)
13.00 Sprint- and supers sprint distances race briefing @ Vierumäki Sports Hall (auditorium)
14.30 Victory ceremony (first starting group) @ Outdoor running track
14.30-18.00 Meal,Vierumäki Resort Hotel, Ballroom
15.00 Supersprint start: boys U15, 17 ja 19
15.02 Supersprint start: girls U15, 17 ja 19
15.15 Sprint distance start (men & women)
16.30 Victory ceremony, all the rest starting groups, @ Outdoor running track



The swim distance is 1500m on the Olympic distance and 400m on the Sprint and Super sprint distances. The swimming route is marked by several large red/ yellow buoys.

Swim route (Olympic distance): Swim about 300 m towards the land where you take a short run across a neck of a land then continue swimming in Lake Suurjärvi. There is a 750m long triangular loop in Lake Suurjärvi, with buoys on the left side of the swimmer. The competitors will then cross back the land to Lake Valkjärvi, where they will swim the rest of loop towards the swim finish.

Swim route (sprint and super sprint): Swim route is one loop in Lake Valkjärvi. The loop is marked by buoys, all of which are to the left of the swimmer.



The Olympic distance for cycling is 40 km (3.5km + 3 * 11km + 3.5km). The route is closed for car traffic.
First, cycle 3.5km from the Sports Institute towards Route 140. There are 3 turns between Myllyoja and Vierumäki Village. The length of one round trip is 11km. After the third round, turn right and cycle back 3.5km to the Sports College Road.
Cycling in the sprint distance is 20km (3.5km + 2 * 6.5km + 3.5km). First take the Sports Institute Road onto Route 140. From Road 140, the village of Peikkometsäntie-Vierumäki is run for 2 turns, then return to Sports Institute Road.
On a supersprint trip, cycling is 13.5km (3.5km + 1 * 6.5km + 3.5km). First take the Sports Institute Road onto Route 140. From Road 140, follow the Peikkometsäntie-Vierumäki Village for one turn, then return to  Sports Institute Road.
Cycle all the time on the right side of the road and never straighten at bends and intersections to the oncoming side!
Drafting is forbidden in all classes except U15-19 superprint distance where it’s allowed.



In the Olympic distance, the 10km race is run by two anticlockwise rounds. In the Sprint distance, the run is one 5k lap. The Supersprint run is 3km and also one lap.
In 10k, when the next round begins, the sports field will be rotated once. After the second round, when entering the sports field, choose the correct lane to finish.
Sprint and Super Sprint races will finish without going around the sports field.