League of Legends 2021

15.5.2021 – 22.5.2021


Welcome to the League of Legends Finnish Student Championships organized by Aalto Gamers! This tournament determines who has the skills, the stamina and the team work to get to the top. This is your moment, now is your time, so prove yourself and RISE!

We welcome all Finnish higher education students to take part. The tournament comprises of online qualifiers and finals (4 teams qualify for finals day). Both days will be streamed on Aalto Gamers’ twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/aaltogamers

Follow all recent updates on the tournament from here: 


1st place: 1400€

2nd place: 800€

3rd & 4th place: Both 100€

MVP: Secretlab League of Legends gaming chair (value: 400€)

Visma challenges Visma poses challenges for all participating teams for the first few games. Anyone can win these challenges!

The challenges TBA!

Prizes for Visma challenges: Each member of the winning team gets skins of their choice.

The Online Qualifiers are held on 15.5. starting at 11:00, ending at around 19:00.
The Finals are held on 22.5. Starting at 12:00, ending at around 20:00

General info:

• Discord channel for team building: https://forms.gle/fUtQJBTC6UJ612ZU8

• All team members must be higher education students

• No need to be from same school

• 32 teams limit

Registration Details:

• Sign-up here: https://forms.gle/fUtQJBTC6UJ612ZU8

• Sign-up closes on Sunday 09.05. at 23:59 (or when the tournament is full)

• Only team captain’s contact info is gathered, team captain is expected to pass on the information


Tournament info:

• Server: EU West

• Qualifier format (4 teams qualify for finals): Double elimination 

• Semi-finals format: Single elimination, BO3

• Finals format: Single elimination, BO5

• Tournament managing platform: Challengermode (more info after registration closes)

Estimated schedule:
Qualifiers (15.5.):
• 12-13 upper round 1
• 13-14 upper round 2 & lower round 1
• 14-15 upper quarter finals & lower round 2
• 15-16 upper semi finals & lower round 3
• 16-17 lower round 4
• 17-18 lower round 5
• 18-19 lower quarter finals Finals (22.5.):
The Finals are held on 22.5. Starting at 12:00, ending at around 20:00


Finnish Student Sports Federation rules are applied for team line-ups and general tournament regulations. Exception to the rules used in this competition is that the team members do not need to be from the same school. 


The actual games will be played under the rules of Finnish Esports Federation.


FSC general rules: 



FEF LoL rules: https://seul.fi/e-urheilu/pelisaannot/turnaussaannot-league-of-legends/

Contact Aalto Gamers if there is any problems or questions.