Opiskelijoiden painonnoston ja voimanoston SM 2021

6.11.2021 – 7.11.2021


Herwannan Hauiskääntö and Tampereen Pyrintö arrange the students’ championship in weightlifting and powerlifting on November 6 and November 7.  The competition is held for the 11. time in Tampere and the venue is once again Tamppi Arena in Hervanta Campus. The competition serves also as trials to international Student Games for licenced powerlifters, hence the powerlifting competition follows classical powerlifting rules.

The competition has series both for second grade students and university students. Weightlifting and powerlifting are also competed separately and have their own series for licenced and non-licenced lifters. Placings are settled by IPF-points in powerlifting and by Sinclair-points in weightlifting. If you wish to compete in both sports, you can participate in the Supertotal. 

The weightlifting competition is held on Saturday, November 6 and the powerlifting competition on Sunday, November 7. However, depending on the amount of participants, some non-licenced powerlifting groups may start on Saturday evening. A more accurate schedule is released once the entry closes.

Entering the competition requires a valid student card, a valid certificate of presence or a certificate of graduation this or the preceding year. That is to say you need to be a university, polytechnic or second degree student to enter.

Deadline for entry is October 24, 2021. You can enter by filling in the following form: https://forms.gle/G4GZREeGhBsZeQZPA

The entry is binding, although you can change your weight class in the weigh-in.

The entry fee is 32 € for one sport and 55 € for the Supertotal. The payment must be made by October 26, 2021 to the following account:

Herwannan Hauiskääntö FI16 5731 6520 1662 83 Participant’s/Participants’ name(s) in the message

 Team competition:

The team competition is held between different schools and every competitor participates in it automatically. All lifters earn points for their school according to their placing in their category. The school with the most points wins the Voimanpesä-trophy. Points according to placing: 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

 More info:

The schedules, the groups, results from previous years and more can be found from the events home page (in Finnish): http://hkaanto.fi/osm/

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All participants of non-licensed group from universities under OLL are insured against accidents by OLL . Event harassment contact persons contact form: http://hkaanto.fi/yhteystiedot/

Address: Tamppi Areena, Korkeakoulunkatu 12, 33720 Tampere

Herwannan Hauiskääntö welcomes you to Tampere to the strongest student event of 2021!