Rogaining OSM-kisat

29.7.2022 – 31.7.2022


The Finnish Rogaining Student Championships 2022 Event Invitation 

Also Official Rogaining Finnish Championships 2022 competition 

The Finnish Rogaining Championships 2022 will be in Sulkava on Partalansaari and it is organized by Northern Adventure Team ry and the Rogaining Finland Association.

Event time 

Rogaining 2022 Finnish Championships weekend is on July 29-31 according to the following preliminary plan: 

Friday 29/07/2022 

14:00 The competition centre opens 

18.00 Sulkava City Rogaining - 1 hour sprint race from the town hall (initial) 

Saturday 30/07//2022 

7:00 Competition centre opens 

09.00 Map handout for the 24 hour class 

12.00 Start for 24h class (Finnish Championships) 

13.00 Start for Foot and MTB 2h and 4h classes 

17.00 Finish for Foot and MTB 2h and 4h classes 

18.00 Hashhouse opens for the 24 h class 

20.00 Map handout for Foot and MTB 8h classes 

22.00 Start for Foot and MTB 8h classes 

Sunday 31/07/2022 

06.00 Finish for Foot and MTB 8 hour classes 

12.00 Finish for 24h class (Finnish Championships) 

14.00 Prize ceremony 

16.00 Competition centre closes Competition 

The event centre 
will be in the municipality of Sulkava, Partalansaari island, located in the former village school of Kaartilankoski, currently the Kaartilankoski town hall. 


We recommend that the competitors arrive to Sulkava on Friday and stay either in the immediate vicinity of the competition center in tents or rent a nice cottage accommodation at 

Attractions for guardians 

Sulkava has a lot to see and do. For example, we recommend exploring the Oravareitti by paddling, the Sarsuinmäki artillery battery, Kivikirkko or the Vilkaharju nature trail. 

Competition area 

The competition area is in Partalansaari, with a total area of approximately 170 km2. Partalansaari is surrounded by Lepistönselkä on the east, Enonvesi on the northwest and Haapaselkä on the southwest. There are more than 80 lakes and ponds inside the island, the largest of which are Lake Kulkemusjärvi and Saajuu. The island's road connects to the mainland and run north through the bridge over Hakovirta to the center of Sulkava municipality and south across Kietäväsalmi by ferry to Viljakansaari and further to the main road 62 southeast of Puumala church village. On the island, on the Sulkava side, are the villages of Auvila in the southeast, Kaartilankoski in the north and Karjulanmäki in the west. The villages of Keriniemi and Kietävälä belong to Puumala. The island has about 400 permanent residents. In addition, the island has a lot of people on holiday in their cottages, especially during the summer. 

Competition terrain 

The terrain is a diverse forest and lake landscape in southern Savonia, with many old and new forest roads. There are more than 80 lakes and ponds on the island. They provide a nice addition to route planning and allow for recreation during the race. The island's forests are very diverse, as the island has been used for forestry throughout history, and the age of the forests varies from clear-cutting to up to 150 years old. However, there are only a few trails that are typical of the urban area, the so-called single track. Most of the tracks in the woods are made by tractors or forest machines and their roadworthiness varies from excellent to slightly slow. The island has a lot of beautiful rocks the size of a detached house, which can be found on the map and some of them can be admired by competitors. In the terrain, competitors can also meet animals belonging to the Finnish wilderness forest, which, however, quickly run away from the competitors. 


FOR FOOT: 24 hours on foot, for real Rogaining enthusiasts (Finnish Championships) 

8 hours on foot (men, women and mixed) classes 

4 hours on foot (men, women and mixed) classes 

2 hours on foot (men, women and mixed) classes 

FOR MTB: 8 hours MTB (men, women and mixed) classes 

4 hours MTB (men, women and mixed) classes 


The team consists of 2-5 people who move together throughout the competition. 

Mandatory equipment 

A list of mandatory equipment is published in Bulletin 1. Schedule for Bulletins Bulletin 1: 15/06/2022 Bulletin 2: 15/07/2022 


Registration opens at 12.00 on 15/01/2022 

Entry fees The team entry fee is the combined entry fees for individual participants. For example, a team of 3 in a 24-hour series before January 31st. would pay 3 x € 69 = € 207 Members of Finnish Student Sport Federation get's 15€ discount by using code OLL15. Check if you are member -> Our members - Opiskelijoiden Liikuntaliitto – OLL

24h: paid before 31.1. 69 € / person, paid before 31.5. 89 € / person paid before 27.6. 109 € 

8h: paid before 31.1. 49 € / person, paid before 31.5. 69 € / person paid before 27.6. 89 € 

4h / 2h: paid before 31.1. 39 € / person, paid before 31.5. 59 € / person paid before 27.6. 79 € 

Competition Map 

The competition uses a special rogaining map made for this event with a scale of 1:25 000. The contour interval is of 5 meters. Auxiliary curves are also used in a few places to describe the stunning shapes of the terrain. The first version of the race map was made around 1915. That map (as a copy) is on display at the race center. The material of the map used in the competition is based on the data of the National Land Survey of Finland. During the last couple of summers and autumn of 2021, the data has been supplemented by about a thousand MTB kilometers and about 200 walking kilometers advanced on the terrain. In addition, in the spring of 2022, several field visits will be carried out to update the map. Checkpoints All are equipped with an electronic stamping system. The rental of the punching system is included in the participation fee. 


Hash house will be open from 18.00 on Friday for the 24h and 8h classes. Drinks and snacks such as candy, chips and biscuits are available. In addition, there are several drinking checkpoints in the terrain that provide water. These are marked on the map. After the finish, breakfast or lunch will be served (depending on the series). These services are included in the participation fee. 


Best teams in all classes will be awarded. In addition, medals in the Finnish Championships class. 


The competition follows the rules of the International Rogaining Federation (IRF). Exceptions and additions announced by the organizer will be published in the bulletins. 

Harassment contact person

If you have encountered or witnessed harassment contact


A professional photographer and a videographer are likely to attend the event. Images are used to market upcoming events and sports. Photos and video will also be available for everyone to see. By participating in the event, you consent to the publication of images and video. 


Official website The contest has its own Instagram account @SulkavaOutdoor and hashtag #SulkavaRogainingSM2022 We hope that all competitors will actively use the following tags when posting pictures. We will reward the best social media poster separately during the event. 

Contact information 

Event organizer: Northern Adventure ry 

Race director: Harri Hollo GSM +358 40 744 0900 

Course Setters: Lauri Hollo & Jerry Aunula 

Information: Harri Hollo