Hankisähly 8.2.2023

8.2.2023 – 8.2.2023


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Snow floorball Student’s Finnish Championship tournament will be played in Pori, Kirjurinluoto 8.2.2023 starting at 12:00. Gather a team with 3-6 players and come enjoy winter day with good spirit and clothing according to the weather. Registration closes on 7.2.2023 at 15:00. 
Please note, that the event is completely alcohol free. Finnish Student Sports Federation OLL’s accident insurance ceases to exit if student with the injury has even a slightest amount of alcohol in their blood. 
This is how to register: 
1.  Gather a team with 3-6 players. Matches are played 3 vs 3 without goalgeepers. 
2.  Choose one person to be your team’s contact person and register your team in osmkisat.fi. Name and student number is needed from every team member. 
Note! When registering, you will be asked for membership of the OLL, the Student Sports Association. Make sure your student union is an OLL member. If your student union is a member of the OLL and your student union membership is valid, you are also a member of the OLL. 
3.  Ready! Now just get ready for student’s finnish championship! 
Game rules: 
1. Matches are played in 3 vs. 3, without a goalkeeper 
2. Minimum team size is 3 players, no specified upper limit, but 3-6 players are recommended. Changes are free 
3. Playing time 1x10 min. Playoff matches will be settled with the principle of the golden goal 
4. At the start of the first set 1 point from the draw, 2 points from the win 
5. The size of the game area 8x16 meters 
6. The size of the finish line is 6x40cm (width x height). 
7. In the front of the finish line there is a semi- circular target which radius is 1m. You may step over or jump over the goal area, but you must not stay longer than 1 second in the goal area. It’s allowed to play in the goal area with the racket, but no player is allowed to be in a goal area. 
8. When you make a mistake, you won’t get penalty, but you will get the penalty shot or a free-hit 
9. If the offending team violates the goal area rule (rule #7), a free shot from their own area will be awarded 
10. In the matter of an offence, if a defending player is preventing a goal, it will be punished with a penalty shot 
11. The penalty-shot is taken directly from the center to the empty goal 
12. Free-hit and hit-in (by the ball across the field) can go straight to the goal. The hit-in is made, when the ball passes over the end-line. 
13. After the approved goal the new round will start from the middle, which is face-off. 
14. It is forbidden to use your hands or head, also jumping to get the ball is forbidden, but you can direct the ball to the goal with your feet. 
The student restaurants we recommend in Pori: 
Restaurant Sofia | Siltapuistonkatu 2, Pori 
Restaurant Skene | Satakunnankatu 25, Pori 
Harassment Liaison Officers: 

For more information about the event please contact  SAMMAKKO: