Hankiultimaten OSM-kisat

7.2.2024 – 7.2.2024


The Snow Ultimate Student’s Finnish Championship will be played for the first time in Pori's
Kirjurinluoto on 7.2.2024. So gather a team of 3-6 people and come and enjoy (hopefully) a wintery
day of competition with a good mood and prepared for the weather. Please register your team no
later than 6.2 at 15.00!

Please note that the event is completely alcohol-free. OLL members are covered by accident
insurance, the insurance will expire if the injured person has any alcohol in his/her blood.

This is how you register:
1. Get a team of 3-6 people together, games are played 3 vs 3, 10 minute games.
2. Choose a contact person from your team to register your team via Kide.app. All team
members will need their full name and the contact information for the contact person.
3. Ultimatum rules can be found online or in the event invitation.
4. Ready! Now let's get training for the Finnish Student Championships.

Game rules:
1. Matches are played 3v3.
2. The minimum team size is 3 players, but a team can have 3-6 players. Substitutions are free.
3. Playing time 1x10 min.

4. Depending on the number of participants, the tournament will be played either as a block
stage or as a knockout stage.
5. Field: rectangular area with goal areas at both ends. The field consists of a wide main playing
area and two goal areas. The corners of the goal areas are marked with brightly coloured
6. Start of the game: both teams line up at the front of the goal area they are defending. The
defending team throws the puck to the attacking team. Each side has 3 players.
7. Moving the puck: The attacking team tries to advance into the opposing teams defended
goal area by passing the puck to each other. The player with the puck is not allowed to take
steps, but is allowed to move in place on a supporting leg. The player with the puck
(shooter) has 10 seconds to throw the puck forward. The defensive player (marker) guarding
the shooter counts the seconds out loud. (Counting, one, two...& etc.)
8. Scoring a goal: A goal is scored when a player catches the puck in the attacking end of the
goal area. After the goal is scored, play is restarted as in point 2. The team that scored the
goal prepares to take the opening shot from the end where the goal was scored.
9. Loss of puck: If the attacking team misses a pass (puck touches an area outside the field,
player drops the puck, pass is intercepted) or a defender reaches ten (inside eight) on his
count, the defending team immediately gains possession of the puck and becomes the
defending team.
10. Player substitutions: teams are free to substitute players during the game.
11. No contact: all physical contact with players is prohibited. Any contact between players is
prohibited, including blocking a defending player by running in front of him. Contact will
result in a foul.
12. Physical contact (even unintentional) that interferes with a players throw or catch is a foul.
The puck may not be knocked out of the throwers hand. A foul must be called as soon as
the situation arises and play is stopped. A foul may only be called by the offending player. If
a player loses control of the puck when a foul occurs, the puck is returned to him and play
continues as if the loss of the puck had never occurred. However, if the defending player
contests the foul, the situation shall be replayed.
13. Players as referees: there are no external referees in Ultimate, but the players themselves
judge their own mistakes and settle disputes.
14. Morale - Spirit of the Game: Ultimates rules are based on the spirit of the sport and leave
the responsibility for fair play to the players. Competitive play is encouraged, but never at
the expense of players mutual respect, enjoyment of the game or health.

The student restaurants we recommend in Pori:
Restaurant Sofia | Siltapuistonkatu 2, Pori
Restaurant Silvia | Satakunnankatu 25, Pori

Harassment Liaison Officers:
Kaapo Kalliomäki (kaapo.kalliomaki@sammakko.fi)
Helena Matinheimo (helena.matinheimo@sammakko.fi)
Elsa Helasmo (elsa.helasmo@sammakko.fi)

For more information about the event please contact SAMMAKKO: