Opiskelijoiden Seikkailu-urheilun SM-kisat

14.9.2017 – 14.9.2017


Adventure race FSC during the Lost In Kainuu Hossa Adventure 14–15 September 2018

Lost in Kainuu Hossa Adventure on 14–15 September 2018 is the biggest adventure race in Finland. It goes through Kainuu and Hossa national park wilderness area which offers amazing experiences, challenging yourself and your team, great landscapes of tree-covered hills and wilderness as well as survival experiences. The series in the Finnish Student Championships are the competitive series Extremely Lost (24 hours) and Lost (16 to 18 hours) and the relaxed series Almost Lost (6 to 8 hours).
Sign up (by 31st March, 31st May, 31st July or by 10th September at the latest) and challenge yourself and your team -